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What Your Mother Never Taught You About Botox

Did your mother teach you all about skin care? Did she share her knowledge of the many creams, lotions, and potions she used? She probably didn’t mention the miracle of Botox, did she? Well, really she probably didn’t know about it! Although Botox has been around for decades, it has only been accessible to everyone within the last 10-20 years.  Believe me, if she had known about it, she definitely would have told you! When Botox was largely unknown, there was uncertainty, doubt, and little way to get the answers to questions. As a Registered Nurse, I can assure you it is very safe, painless, easy, and absolutely worth it. Let me tell you the secrets of this miraculous “Youth Serum”.

Small amounts of Botox can be injected into specific muscles to cause a controlled relaxation of that muscle. In this way, your injector can target the small muscles of your face to relax and soften their contraction. This, in turn, will smooth out the wrinkles in that area. It has truly amazing results. Your facial wrinkles will disappear, and you will have a softer, more youthful look. It is truly a miracle!

Botox, also know as Botulinum Toxin, has been around forover 20 years and it has been very successful in treating creases and wrinkles on the face and neck. It can be used for crows feet, bunny lines, lines on the forhead, dimpling of the chin and lines around the mouth, as well as the muscle lines at the center of your neck. Botox does not fill the wrinkles as it is not a filler. Instead, Botox relaxes the muscles that create the wrinkle. When wrinkles form, they become deeper with time. This is because the muscle creases the skin over and over, which makes the wrinkle deeper and deeper. With repeated injections of Botox, your body can heal the creased skin and it will smooth out and heal naturally.

With a very fine needle, Botox is injected directly into the muscle we want to target.  This is only slightly uncomfortable, so there is no numbing or anesthesia neccessary. Some people state that they can’t really feel it at all. The entire procedure only takes about 15 minutes. You will see the results in as little as 48 hours, but the full effect takes about 10 days. Most people begin to feel the effects around day 5.  

The most common side effect is bruising at the injection site, and it just depends on your skin. This goes away very quickly, usually in a day or two. Some people get a little welt at the injection site for the first hour or so, but thats it! Super Simple!  

You should be able to return to your regular routine after you have your injections. Remember not to press on or rub the injection site for 12 hours, this will insure that the Botox is not displaced from the targeted muscle. Also, don’t lay down for 3-4 hours or do any kind of exercise that would get your heart rate up or break a sweat. Don’t put any lotions, creams, make-up or soap on your face for at least 12 hours.  You can clean your face with cool water and pat it lightly dry. Just try to leave it alone and let the magic work!

Your Botox treatment will last on average about 3 months. This time frame is affected by several factors, including your age, your metabolism, and how many times you have had Botox. As you continue to treat your wrinkles with Botox, your Botox will last longer and will be more effective, and your wrinkles will appear less severe because you are training those specific muscles to relax and be less active.

Some very rare side effects for Botox include: dry mouth, pain at the injection site, neck pain, head ache, blurred vision, and swelling of the eyelids. Again, these side effects are very rare! If you are one of those who do get any of these uncommon side effects, make sure you let your Doctor know. Here at Gentle Revive, in Lindon, Utah, we have doctors on staff, so you can call us if you were to experience any of them. In general, Botox is extremely safe and highly effective! Don’t let the name Botulinum Toxin scare you. This treatment is soon to be something that you really won’t want to live without!  You will love it, and you will absolutely love your youthful look as the compliments come in, and your wrinkles and lines disappear.

Once you’ve tried it, and you know how great it is, you just may throw out some of those old lotions, potions, and creams that weren’t giving you results. Just be sure to tell your mother, and return the love and care.

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