Does Hair Removal Have to Hurt?

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When talking about hair removal, which do you prefer? Shaving, plucking, waxing, chemicals, or lasers? Most of these are known to be inconvenient at best, and all of them can be painful too. So, the best idea is to do it and be done. The most long-term solution is, of course, laser hair removal. Here at Gentle Revive, in Lindon, Utah, we are only interested in the best results, so we’ll be focusing on having a pain free experience and long-term results with laser hair removal. The concerns we hear most often, about that, are in regards to cost and pain. In this article, we will address the pain involved and how we are able to make it a surprisingly comfortable experience for our clients. Let’s look at the variety of ways we make hair removal painless and easy.  

Numbing Cream  

The first method is numbing cream. Because we have physicians on staff, we are able to provide the use of prescription grade numbing cream. This numbing cream is called BLT Cream, and is made up of Benzocaine, Lidocaine, and Tetracaine. Each of them are excellent numbing agents in their own right, and combined, they really do the job well! Because of its strength and effects, it may only be used on smaller areas of the body such as the armpits, neck, head, hands, feet, and bikini area. Luckily, larger areas such as the legs, arms, and back don’t hurt very much at all. However, if for any reason you are not able to use numbing cream, we also offer several additional options to make hair removal a positive experience. 


Laughing Gas

The second option is Nitrous Oxide, better known as “laughing gas”. Many people are familiar with this method of pain control from visits to the dentist. It’s the same thing, with the same easy results. Nitrous Oxide is different from numbing cream because it doesn’t block the nerves from feeling pain, the way the cream does. It is a mild sedative that works by slowing down the reaction time in the body, reducing anxiety, and increasing calmness and relaxation. It works quickly, and doesn’t last very long after you stop taking it, so you wouldn’t have to worry about driving after your hair removal treatment. 


Colder-than-Freezing Air

The third way to alleviate any pain, is with the Zimmer Cryotherapy Chiller. We call it the ‘Zimmer’. That’s a long name for a machine that blows extremely cold air onto the area being treated. The air is -22F, and not only does it act as a numbing agent by cooling the skin, it also helps to distract your mind with the feeling of air flow. The air cools deeply in your skin, and in a very concentrated area, so that you aren’t just cold like with a fan, but your skin is cooled quickly, alleviating pain either before or after the laser is used. You don’t need to feel the heat for the hair follicles to be destroyed. We prefer that you don’t.  


Cooling Sapphire Tip

Our fourth way to increase comfort is actually part of our laser handpiece, and is in use at the same time as any other method you’d want to use. Gentle Revive uses the Icon IPL machine. This laser has a feature called a Cooling Tip. It is a sapphire ended tip that cools, automatically, as it touches your skin. This, along with a cooling gel applied to the skin works together to cool the laser as it hits the skin. Along with the cooling tip, and unlike typical laser treatments, our laser delivers multiple wavelengths to prevent damage to skin tissue, and gives safer (no blistering or peeling) and more effective removal of hair.


Less Treatments

Here at Gentle Revive, we are consistently surprised when we hear that our clients have gone to other places and have done 8-10 treatments and have seen little to no result! We hear from clients, switching to us, that they have been going monthly for a year and a half, are frustrated with how long it takes to see results, and with how many treatments are needed. We are seeing excellent results with every client, and we absolutely guarantee that your hair removal will be complete in 7 treatments. We guarantee that, even if the cause of more treatments is due to your having a lot more follicles. If that were the case, and you did need more than 7, you still only pay for 7. We haven’t ever had a client who needed more than that, and we are proud to say that our laser is the newest, and best, technology in hair removal.



Between the numbing cream, laughing gas, colder than freezing air, sapphire tipped laser, and far fewer treatments, Gentle Revive goes above and beyond to make sure your experience exceeds your expectations. We provide all of these things, and we do not charge you more to keep you comfortable. Whichever of these you choose, it is complimentary to you with our service. That's right, all these options are free to our hair removal clients. That is something you're not going to find with anyone else in the area. We are serious about results, serious about your comfort, and serious about you having a world class experience with Gentle Revive.

Chelyse Henderson Chelyse Henderson has worked in the medical field for 20 years, and is currently the Manager of Gentle Revive Laser Aesthetics. She is enjoying the ability to help clients feel confident and cared for, as she guides them through their treatments. She appreciates the opportunity to share her knowledge about laser aesthetics, and feels that the first step in every client's journey is to be well-informed. Since working with Gentle Revive, Chelyse has become an advocate for laser therapies as she has seen them work on herself and her clients.

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