WarmSculpting vs. CoolSculpting

WarmSculpting vs CoolSculpting

If you have looked into getting a non-surgical treatment that will take away fat, you have probably already heard of CoolSculpting. Utah County has many locations that do CoolSculpting, but Gentle Revive, in Lindon Utah is the only place, centrally located, that you can get the Newer, Better, Body-Friendly way to sculpt. WarmSculpting. 

How are WarmSculpting and CoolSculpting alike?

WarmSculpting and CoolSculpting are, as you may imagine, similar in some ways. That is why they compete against each other. You would not compare these treatments to liposuction, a weight loss procedure like gastric bypass, or a balloon treatment. WarmSculpting and CoolSculpting reduce areas of stubborn fat. They work best for people who have a healthy lifestyle, and have pockets of fat that just won't budge. You know what I'm talking about: the pudge on your belly, the bra fat or love handles, the double chin in every photo, areas that if you could just take that one bulge off, you'd feel a thousand times better. Both heat and cold easily destroys fat cells, but the temperature changes are not so extreme as to affect other kinds of cells. Cool and Warm Sculpting treatments are FDA approved, and both involve no needles, no anesthesia, and no downtime. They can both treat the same areas, and the fat cells are gone forever. Yep, permanent fat reduction. Both treatments rely on the lymphatic system to dispose of the destroyed fat cells, and in both, you will have your final results in about 3 months. So, from here, you may wonder how to best choose one over the other. 


Why is WarmSculpting better for the body?

WarmSculpting with SculpSure really is the better way to sculpt, as the technology has increased, fixing some of the major issues that came with CoolSculpting. It uses hyperthermic lasers to destroy fat cells and tighten the skin. The heat from the laser works with the heat from your skin, instead of against it. This causes beautiful feathering of results as the heat dissipates away from the area the applicator is in, giving you smooth effortless contouring. It uses four applicators during each treatment, so you can get a very customized result right where your trouble spots are.

One treatment takes away 24% of fat cells in the area as it heats the fat cells to between 107.6 and 116.6°F liquifying them so the body may easily remove them. WarmSculpting is a very versatile treatment that can target multiple areas at the same time, making your treatment easy and quick. At its worst, WarmSculpting can feel like strong menstrual cramps, and we are able to adjust the settings to give you a comfortable and effective treatment. As the laser is heating the fat cells beyond repair, it is also stimulating collagen production in the skin, so there will be no sagging skin, but rather lift and firmness in the areas we treat. It takes only 25 minutes, and 96% of patients report that they are happy with their results. 

The side effects of WarmSculpting with Sculpsure is slight redness that may last up to half an hour, and some nodules that go away with massage as you are waiting for the lyphatic system to process the destroyed cells. There is also a slight soreness for a week or so, like a good workout, as the body processes the cells. As for price, WarmSculpting is definitely the cost efficient way to go. We will do WarmSculpting for about half the price of CoolSculpting, and the more areas you want to have done, the more of a discount we give you. 


How does CoolSculpting compare to WarmSculpting?

As you can see, there are many ways that they are the same, and there are some very important things to know about how they are different from each other. Some of the major issues that come with CoolSculpting are painful pulling tugging, and numbness during the treatment. Patients with sensitive skin or thicker fat deposits find that having the fat suctioned into the applicator is too painful to do.

During the treatment the single CoolSculpting applicator suctions fat between two cooling plates. The tissue is cooled to 39°F where the fat cells are turned into "ice crystals", that the body then eliminates. You can expect a 23% reduction in fat cells in the area, though patients must have enough fat to be sucked into the applicator, and only that fat can be treated.

After the treatment the patient is massaged briefly to warm the skin and break up the fat cells. Though brief, it is painful. CoolSculpting can take between 35 minutes to an hour for each treatment area. This can make it a far more extensive, expensive, and time demanding process, though 73% of patients report that they are happy with their treatment results. Side effects to CoolSculpting include tenderness, redness, bruising, nodules and swelling in the area treated. 


Need More?

If you feel that you need more than WarmSculpting can do for you, give us a call. We also offer laser assisted liposuction (SmartLipo) which boasts of dramatic results and an easy recovery time. We also offer two types of balloon treatments, Orbera and Obalon to help you lose weight everywhere.

Chelyse Henderson Chelyse Henderson has worked in the medical field for 20 years, and is currently the Manager of Gentle Revive Laser Aesthetics. She is enjoying the ability to help clients feel confident and cared for, as she guides them through their treatments. She appreciates the opportunity to share her knowledge about laser aesthetics, and feels that the first step in every client's journey is to be well-informed. Since working with Gentle Revive, Chelyse has become an advocate for laser therapies as she has seen them work on herself and her clients.

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