How much weight can you lose with Orbera?

With any weight loss method, there can be some variables. The main variable is always the mindset of the individual. There are many tools out there that can help achieve the goal of weight loss. Finding the right one can be difficult. In this article we’ll talk about how much weight you can lose with Orbera.

Diet and exercise seem like a good place to start. We all have heard that diet and exercise are key to weight loss. This is true. We can’t go out and eat whatever we want and sit on a couch all day and expect to see results. We have to have some action. That’s where some of the weight loss tools can help. The tools help push us in the right direction. For instance, a health coach can help provide us with tips and tricks for eating healthier. Although, sometimes this isn’t enough either.

Weight Loss with Orbera

Orbera is one of these tools and it’s one that we offer at Orbera. Orbera is unlike traditional weight loss methods that involve surgery like gastric bypass, lap band, or gastric sleeve. It is completely non-surgical and has little to no downtime.

Orbera is a good option for individuals that are looking to lose 20-30+ pounds and have failed with other weight loss methods besides surgery. Orbera is usually for those with a BMI between 30-40. Things that would disqualify an individual from receiving the Orbera are previous surgeries to the stomach and bowel diseases.

Lindsey talks about how Orbera helped her listen to her body.

How Orbera Works

Orbera balloon shown inside the stomach.

Orbera is a grapefruit sized balloon that is placed into the stomach using an endoscope under mild sedation. Then the balloon is inflated once inside the stomach. The procedure usually takes only 30 minutes and is done in a surgical suite located in our same building. Once we place the balloon, it stays in the stomach for 6 months. During those 6 months and for 6 months after, you meet with Dr. Cherrington and our dietitian every month as part of one of the Orbera program options we offer. After the 6 months, we remove the balloon in the same way we placed it. Orbera deemed safer than weight loss surgeries like the lap band or gastric sleeve because it’s completely reversible, meaning that no part of the anatomy of the body was altered.

How the Orbera gastric balloon works.

As an added bonus, at Gentle Revive we offer a few extra perks that we’ve included into our Orbera program options. Things like a year of our silver or platinum memberships and free Morpheus8 radio frequency microneedling treatments are just a few of these bonuses.

In conclusion, Orbera is a safe tool for weight loss. Many people have lost the stubborn weight with Orbera, but determination to lose weight is the key. For most people it’s the last thing they try, but the first thing that works. To find out if Orbera is right for you, reach out to us and we can answer any questions you may have.

Orbera and Insulin

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