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You work out, you eat right, and somehow you still have cellulite! We understand your frustration, and we have a laser for that. Contrary to popular opinion, cellulite is not caused by fat, but instead by genetics. Just under your skin, you have connective tissues that keep your skin in place. This is why you don't see all the excess and loose skin gathering at the wrists and ankles of the elderly. Those tissues are cross-hatched from each other, and because of genetics, sometimes they are fairly tight. The pinching tightness of the connective tissues is what causes the appearance of cellulite. Here at Gentle Revive in Lindon, Utah, we haev a treatment that will loosen the tight tissues, and effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is called TempSure, and it's a powerful radiofrequency treatment that uses heat to improve the appearance of the skin. This noninvasive treatment is for those with mild to moderate cellulite, and are under 30lbs overweight. TempSure is comfortable and safe for all skin types, and works by penetrating relaxing heat, from a gold-tipped hand piece, deep into the layers of the skin. This sparks the body's natural healing process, stimulating the growth of new cells and collagen. This results in a more smooth appearance to the skin and reduces the "cottage cheese" look associated with cellulite. The TempSure treatment is very comfortable, warm, and relaxing. There is no downtime at all, and you can resume your day comfortably, as soon as we are finished. This treatment typically requires 6-8 sessions to achieve optimal results, and they are not permanent. You will want to receive touch up sessions to maintain your results. To learn more about our cellulite reducing treatment, schedule an appointment by phone or online today.




Cellulite FAQs

Does the cellulite treatment work?

The TempSure treatment works by loosening up the connective tissues that hold the skin in place. Genetically, they can be tight, and that is why even if you are fit, you may still have cellulite. The treatment works by applying warm, massaging heat to break up the tightness and allow your skin to have the smooth appearance you are looking for. Typically, clients require 6-8 treatments to see cellulite disappear.

Does the cellulite treatment hurt?

No, this treatment is very soothing, and warm. It feels like a hot stone massage, and is one of our client favorites. A soft tune plays while we are administering the warm energy, and it is extremely comfortable.

Does the cellulite treatment last forever?

No, the body is always generating new tissues. As it regenerates the connective tissues that cause cellulite, they will again be tight, and will need to be relaxed as well. You may want to have a maintenance treatment about every six months after your initial treatments are finished.

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