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Expression lines are so superficial that they usually involve only the topmost layers of your skin. They deepen as you get older because the collagen and elastin beneath the surface of your skin begin the breakdown that is typical with aging. Fine lines and wrinkles are found everywhere we express, and as we get a little older, they can also be found in the cheeks, as thin crepe-like skin. Any time you make an expression, you will see where those lines will form, or have formed. When you aren’t making an expression, and you can still see them, it’s time to come see what Gentle Revive can do for you. We have the newest technology in skin renewal. We can decrease fine lines and wrinkles you already have, as well as strengthen your skin to keep time at bay. The ways we do so are by stimulating new collagen growth, tightening and strengthening your skin, and through the careful and natural placement of Botox and fillers. Our lasers also have multiple skin issues they will correct while we erase your fine lines and wrinkles. At your consult, we will discuss your goals, and choose which treatment, or combination of treatments, is going to give you the best-personalized results. Whether you want a lot of improvement, something to slow or reverse the hands of time, or just a touch up for an event, we’ve got you covered.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles FAQs

What Causes Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Sun exposure without adequate protection causes the skin to age more quickly.

If you have very fair skin, you may be at increased risk of fine lines and wrinkles.

You will be more prone to expression lines if you smoke. The blood supply to your skin is affected, and you will see fine lines around your mouth sooner.

What options do I have for my wrinkles?

You have a lot of options when it comes to reducing wrinkles on the face. There are creams, serums, ointments, and other topicals that add a lot of moisture to plump up the skin, there are treatments that take off the top layers of skin, and fillers to give volume where volume has been lost. Lasers work differently than all of those. They stimulate new collagen growth, effectively turning the clock back, and taking out impurities deep in the skin. When deciding where to spend your money, consider what is going to be the most beneficial for you, your skin, and your situation.

To treat your fine lines, wrinkles, and expression lines, schedule an appointment online or by phone.