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At Gentle Revive, in Lindon, Utah, we are proud to offer you a laser facial for whatever your need is. If you have wrinkles that are starting to set in, freckles, brown spots, birthmarks, large pores, redness, current acne, acne scars, oily skin, or want an overall anti-aging treatment, we have one that will give you beautiful result, without any downtime. The RevLite facial will stimulate collagen growth and it doesn’t damage the outer layers of your skin like chemical peels or microneedling would. You get the results without risk of infection, unsightly discoloration and redness. You will have redness only as long as you’d be red after a good run, and then you can get back to your normal routine. If you have deeper wrinkles that set in years ago, lighter wrinkles, fine lines, fragile skin crepe, deep scars, unevenness in tone and texture, age spots, or any other signs of aging we have the popular CO2 laser treatment that effectively wipes away the years. This is a fractional ablative treatment with the ability to vary shapes, duration, and strength, to achieve incomparable and personalized results. During your consultation we will discuss the specifications of after care, so you get the best results, with the most comfort and least impact on your lifestyle. Typically, you would expect 2 weeks of social downtime, and you will start to see results in about a month. You continue to see better and better results from 3 months to a year later, as your new collagen grows and smooths your skin. Clients have been very satisfied after their two session treatment, six months apart.




Laser Peel/Facial FAQs

What does 'fractional' mean?

The CO2 laser facial is fractional. This means that it causes micro injuries to a relatively small fraction of the skin at a time. If you think of where the laser comes out as a stamp with tiny needles on it, that is kind of the arrangement of the energy as it comes out of the laser. Heat is put into the skin as tiny columns that stimulate growth of new cells. These columns of new tissue work together in repairing the appearance and function of the skin.

What does 'ablative' mean?

The CO2 facial is ablative, and that means it pierces the surface of your skin. Other treatments we have target underneath the skin, to minimize wrinkles and stimulate collagen growth, but this one also works to smooth, strengthen, and tighten the skin at the same time. Because it is ablative, it is very important to follow your aftercare instructions carefully to mitigate any risk.

Does the CO2 laser facial hurt?

The sensation you will feel during the CO2 facial is commonly compared to a rubber band snapping against the skin. It is possible that it would be slightly more or less depending on the depth of the treatment, and your own pain tolerance. With this treatment we are able to use numbing cream, which will reduce pain during your treatment. Immediately afterward, we are able to cool your skin and relieve any discomfort before you leave the spa. To get your beautiful, clear skin back, schedule your appointment online or by phone.