Body Contouring

Body contouring here at Gentle Revive is one of our specialties. We have methods to sculpt the body that doesn’t involve any surgery, or we have surgical options as well. Nearly all people have some areas of fat that are resistant to exercise and just do not come off. Others may have areas that are bigger because they don’t diet and exercise or don’t try to get the fat off at all. We can help either person. Our options include WarmSculpting that is non-surgical and has no downtime at all, and we have laser-assisted liposuction that has a small 1-2 day downtime but has tremendous results right away. What we are talking about here are areas like the arms that just don’t fit right in your favorite shirt or blouse. Those inner thighs that rub together and are bothersome. Maybe it’s the belly overhang that if it were not there, you could have a pair of pants that were two to three sizes smaller. Do you have saddlebags or love handles that make you look like a car with the side doors open when being seen from the rear? We can contour those areas and remove the fat in just one to two treatments. To learn more about body contouring, costs, and if you are eligible, please call us today or click below to book a consult with one of our body contouring specialists.

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