Laser Assisted Liposuction

SmartLipo is the safest way to get smooth, beautiful results with liposuction. You won’t have the pain, bruising and risk that traditional liposuction comes with. An advanced form of anesthesia, called tumescent anesthesia, numbs the skin and fat layer so that the surgeon performs the procedure painlessly. The liposuction surgery is minimally invasive, and the patient enjoys the benefit of being awake during the whole operation. Not having to undergo general anesthesia for this procedure makes the risk of complications extremely low. Once numbed, and comfortable, your surgeon will carefully and precisely sculpt your new silhouette with the laser. This is done with a tiny laser fiber inserted in to a very small hole in the area we are treating. This is done in a particular method that emphasizes a smooth finish. Using the laser means that there is little blood, and so, little bruising. The fat is removed with a tiny cannula, again for the flawless smoothness that comes with delicate precision. You can expect to be in bed that day, and up and about the house the following day, with further ease in getting back to all activities of life increasing rapidly. This is a treatment that does not take very much recovery time at all. Another benefit to laser-assisted liposuction is that there is skin tightening that comes inherent with using the laser, as well as with removing fat. When you come in for your consult, our surgeons will discuss the surgery in depth, review the areas that you want to have treated, take care of any issues that need to be addressed before the surgery, and be sure there are not any health concerns that may disqualify the patient for the surgery. Here at Gentle Revive, we want you to have a great experience while you get the body shape and smoothness you really want. 

Is SmartLipo the right treatment for you?

SmartLipo is an excellent treatment for those with either a lot of areas where fat removal is desired, and/or a lot of fat to remove. This treatment is so much better than traditional liposuction, in safety and beautiful results. With tumescent anesthesia, you will avoid the dangerous complications of traditional liposuction. You will also have very little bruising and much less soreness. We treat the area with very small laser fibers and cannulas to really sculpt your ideal silhouette, rather than just remove fat. We are able to get you smooth results with very little downtime at all. We treat under the chin, arms, knees, abdomen, back, thighs, and nearly all other areas where fat resides. The first step would be to schedule a consultation and health screening to be sure that you have no health problems that would disqualify you from this procedure.

What To Expect During Your Treatment

SmartLipo is done with tumescent anesthesia, which allows the patient to be completely awake during the procedure. You can listen to a book or chat with the surgeon as he works. You won’t feel anything more than some tugging, pushing, and strange sensations as the fat is extracted. Because we are using very small instruments, it does take several hours. We are ensuring a smooth, flawless finish when you are healed. In using the laser, we can remove more fat, more evenly, and it gives the added benefit of skin tightening.


After Your Treatment

You should expect to experience draining of excess fat and fluid for about 2-4 days.  You will wear a compression garment in the treated area, to hold pressure. This helps to further release the fluids, heal the tissues, prevent complications, and alleviate discomfort. Complication rates for this procedure are next to nothing. Typically, patients are up and about the following day, but not to work or heavy housework until about the third day. Expect to then feel discomfort described as being like a muscle pain a few days after a good workout. A week following your procedure, you will be seen by the surgeon to make sure everything is going well. At this time, we offer a complimentary laser treatment to minimize any scarring from the tiny holes. Over time, the lymphatic system continues to process the remaining fat cells destroyed by the laser, and you can expect even better results.


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SmartLipo is the safest way to get smooth, beautiful results with liposuction. You won’t have the pain, bruising and risk that is seen with traditional liposuction.

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"I'm amazed at how little pain I'm in and although swollen, I look better than before!! I'm so happy and thank you!!!"

Frequently Asked Questions

When we do a SmartLipo treatment, we use very strong medical-grade numbing agents so that you do not feel any pain during your treatment. It is a priority for us, that you have a great experience, and part of that definitely includes physical comfort. Afterwards, expect to feel some soreness, as though you did a heavy work out, for several days.

When you choose SmartLipo, you will see very noticeable results immediately afterward, and your final result will be 4-6 months after your treatment. Because of the laser used in this procedure, the results are much more smooth than with traditional liposuction. With Laser Assisted Lipo, fat cells are destroyed and are removed, and they will never return. By using the laser and removing fat, there is some inherent skin tightening to get you to the shape you want to have.

We use what is called tumescent anesthesia which only numbs the area being treated. It is so effective that you will be completely awake and won’t feel any pain. This makes the treatment much more safe, and the recovery much more easy for you.

SmartLipo is a surprisingly cost efficient way to get beautiful results quickly. Factors that affect price are the number of areas you want to have treated, and how much fat are in those areas. The very most cost efficient way is to have more areas done than less, because we can give you more discounts as we do more. This is also beneficial because once one area is treated, you may notice another area more than you used to if it wasn’t treated.

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