WarmSculpting is the newer, better, body friendly alternative to CoolSculpting, and we are proud to be the first and only medical spa in Utah County to offer this technology. This treatment is a non-invasive body contouring system that permanently reduces stubborn fat without any downtime. It works with the heat of your body to give you the most comfortable treatment and recovery in body sculpting. We also are able to get your results without the pain and complications that are so common with the common, older body sculpting technology.

The SculpSure machine is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser device for non-invasive contouring of the abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs, outer thighs and under the chin. The SculpSure, class 4, laser device is completely customizable as to the areas of fat that can be treated.  The SculpSure laser specifically targets fat cells to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted fat, forever. WarmSculpting with SculpSure is the winner of the 2019 Patient’s Choice, RealSelf Most Worth It award

Is WarmSculpting the right treatment for you?

WarmSculpting is a great option for those who have a healthy lifestyle, and can’t get that stubborn fat bulge to smooth out with diet and exercise. We are able to give you the silhouette you want and have been working for. This method of fat removal works best to fine tune your shape, and is not meant for weight loss or for people who are obese. For most satisfactory results, we recommend WarmSculpting with SculpSure for those who have a BMI of up to 30, when used for the body, and for the double chin fat a BMI of up to 49 is preferable. WarmSculpting treatments are not intended for weight-loss results or for people who are obese. If you are interested in body contouring, but think you may have more to get rid of, check out the safe and smooth alternative to traditional liposuction, Laser Assisted Liposuction

What To Expect During Your Treatment

WarmSculpting takes 25 minutes per area, so you don’t need to plan much time out of your day for this treatment. It will destroy 24% of fat cells, per session, on your core, and 10% of fat cells, per session, on arms and legs2. Most clients have two sessions of WarmSculpting per area, and not more than three. During your WarmSculpting body contouring treatment, you will experience a cycling of deep heat and coolness as the lasers are heating the fat cells to levels they cannot sustain, followed by cooling before the next round of therapeutic heat. The temperature of the treatment goes up to 117 degrees Fahrenheit, and only heats the fat cells. The surface of your skin stays quite cool. It is an intense heat at the pinnacle, though discomfort has been determined to be generally well tolerated in patient studies1. Your body then removes the destroyed fat cells, through the lymphatic system, safely and without harm to other organs or body systems. A benefit to using heat contouring  is that the heat from the lasers disperses through the fat and causes even feathering between areas of fat that have been treated to areas of fat that have not been treated. This means there are no margins where fat starts or ends. 

After Your Treatment

As soon as you are finished with your treatment, you easily resume your daily activities. In fact, staying active assists the lymphatic system in processing the fat cells that have been destroyed. Individual results of this procedure may vary, and are not guaranteed. Come see us for a consult to find out what your results are likely to be.

In addition to all of the benefits for the patient with WarmSculpting by Sculpsure. Gentle Revive is proud to offer the SculpSure 2.0 Platinum Upgrade which offers many new benefits for improved comfort and safety to our patients. 

Areas we take care of

Before & After

Before and After image of abdomen treated with SculpSure treatment.
Before and 12 weeks after 2nd treatment
Before and after image of submental area treated with SculpSure
Before and 12 weeks after 2nd treatment
Before and after SculpSure treatment on abdomen
Before and 6 weeks after 2nd treatment

What to expect

Frequently Asked Questions

Body contouring, also known as nonsurgical fat reduction, is the process of targeting and removing specific areas of fat on the body. We contour your shape with precision and detail, to easily give you your best body. At Gentle Revive, the team specializes in SculpSure® treatments as the non-surgical fat removal method.

Gentle Revive places a high priority on minimizing your pain with all of our treatments. WarmSculpting is an intense treatment, though there is a cooling mechanism built into the treatment so that while you do feel the heat needed to destroy the fat cells, you also get constant relief throughout the treatment. We also utilize ‘laughing gas’ and colder-than-freezing air to further minimize any discomfort you may feel. Your utmost comfort is important to us. After your treatment you will feel soreness like you had a good workout. This can last for a week or two.

When you come in for a consult we can show you what kind of results you should expect to see. It is important that you know what to expect, and we will make sure you are comfortable with all of it before we begin. You will start to see your WarmSculpting results at about 6 weeks after your treatment, and you will get your final result 12 weeks after each treatment. That’s only 18 weeks when you do the recommended schedule.

There are several factors that we take into consideration when choosing the best treatment option. One thing we will look at together is what your body goals are, and how much fat you want to lose. Another consideration is how much fat vs. skin laxity you have. Are you able to take any down time? Do you have any health issues that need to be taken into consideration? Our doctors and staff can help you determine which contouring treatment will give you the results you are looking for, at the best price, and with a very personalized treatment plan.

WarmSculpting is about half the price of its CoolSculpting competitor. Here at Gentle Revive, we often have specials on WarmSculpting to bring that price down even further. The best way to find out what it will cost you is to come in for a consult, where we work together to find what will help you achieve the look you want.

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