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Botox and fillers are stars in their own right, in the world of aesthetics. If you’ve done it, you get it, and if you haven’t, you’ll love it. Botox and fillers will get you looking youthful again with immediate results while you wait for the long term result of your laser treatments here at Gentle Revive. Our injectors, Makenna Graff, NP and Dr. Steven Cherrington customize a treatment plan for your specific goals with the latest advancements in dermal fillers and Botox to treat wrinkles, lines, thin lips, pitted acne scars, and other skin flaws. Something we hear a lot is, “I don’t want to look plastic”. Most people don’t, and our injectors are able to give you the look and movement you want to have, while still decreasing the look of wrinkles and aging. Both Botox and fillers provide quick and long-lasting results. Through regular maintenance injections, you can preserve your youthful, natural look for years to come without the need for surgery. 

Which treatment is right for you?

When deciding on Botox and fillers, it is a matter of what you would like to achieve, as to which you should request. Botox will paralyze the muscles for about 3 months, and will smooth the wrinkles you currently have, and decrease them from being set further. As time goes on, you will need less and less Botox to achieve the same smoothness. Fillers will plump up the skin in the area you choose, and will last different amounts of time depending on where they are placed, because they are of different densities in different areas. In lips, you can expect six to twelve months, depending on how your body metabolizes it. For facial wrinkles you can expect between nine and twelve months, and in cheeks, you can expect between a year and two years. 

What to expect from your treatment

Botox is very easy to administer, and virtually painless for you. You do not need numbing agents, and you have complete control over how natural or frozen your face is treated to become. You can always do less, but cannot reduce the effect once it has been injected, so if you do not already know how many units you prefer, we’ll always go lighter first and see if you want more once it has taken effect. 

Fillers require numbing cream to administer comfortably, and we have medical grade numbing cream that makes it so you won’t feel anything. Our nurse injector is meticulous in giving you a natural and beautiful appearance, that is going to keep you looking like yourself, and everyone wondering what it is that makes you look so refreshed. 

After your treatment

There is very little swelling after Botox, if any, and there may be some slight bruising that will go away fairly quickly. You can expect your results to take effect in a week or two, depending on what your body does specifically, and you’ll just want to be careful not to rub the skin for 24-48 hours, as it may displace the Botox. 

There is swelling after filler injections, and it can take up to a week to settle to your normal result. Icing the area early on can help to reduce it somewhat. After your swelling decreases, just enjoy your beautiful new look.


What to expect

Frequently Asked Questions

A neurotoxin stops the signal from the brain to the muscle, so when your brain says “furrow your brows” BOTOX blocks that impulse, and your muscle doesn’t get that message. When the muscles don’t contract, the skin covering the muscles don’t crease, and you don’t form or deepen lines, and your skin becomes more and more smooth. Because it is temporary, when it wears off, you will resume normal expressing. There are no long term side effects.

When you use it a lot, you won’t form lines and wrinkles in the areas you use it. Your muscles will relax more and more, you will be able to go more time between treatments because your Botox treatments will last longer. Whenever you stop using Botox your muscles will resume their natural strength and function, as there are no long term side effects of Botox. As soon as it wears off, it is as though you are taking the pause button off wrinkle formation.

Fillers are also injectable treatments to address wrinkles and lines. However, unlike Botox, fillers provide added volume to smooth out wrinkles and creases, and correct lack or loss of volume in any areas you are concerned about. Based on a treatment plan customized specifically for you, our staff ensures your results look just as natural as you want to look.

Treatments with Botox and fillers require no incisions, and most patients are able to tolerate Botox injections very well. Our staff can provide a medical grade topical anesthetic to keep you very comfortable throughout your filler treatment. Immediately after your injections, you can return to work or your other activities with few limitations. While some mild bruising and redness at the injection site can be common, these issues resolve on their own without any additional treatment.

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