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Unwanted hair growth on the skin can be very distressing for both men and women. The most common areas of this hair growth are the groin, legs, face, and the underarms for women. For men, the most bothersome hair growth is on the chest, back, shoulders, neck, and ears. Here at Gentle Revive medical spa in Lindon, Utah, we do more hair removal than any other treatment in our medical spa. Most people seek hair removal for cosmetic reasons, but many medical conditions cause unwanted hair growth as well as other conditions of the skin. Some of these are polycystic ovarian disease, hypothyroidism, and others. Our state of the art hair removal lasers are very effective and gets results in only a few treatments for most people. This hair growth, when unwanted, can cause a negative impact on the affected person’s self-image and self-esteem.

At Gentle Revive medical spa we want our patients to have a great experience with our hair removal services. We also strongly feel that there are good results as fast as possible with safe, effective treatment. At Gentle Revive medical spa, we use a particular type of light-based therapy called intense pulsed light (IPL). Technically what we use is not laser light, but the industry has begun to call it laser hair removal.

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Hair removal is naturally a treatment that takes a few months to achieve good results. This time is because hair grows in stages, and it is only in certain stages of hair growth that the hair follicle is susceptible to the light from the laser. It is because of these phases of growth that multiple treatments are needed to get full clearance of the hair in any given area. We understand this, and we want your unwanted hair removed in the fewest number of treatments as possible. Patients must know that this removal of unwanted hair is permanent. So, a patient thinks they will ever want hair in a treated area; they should not have hair removal. One of the most common comments that we get from our patients is that they were surprised that the cost was so affordable, and the results are excellent.

At Gentle Revive medical spa, doctors oversee our protocols for laser hair removal. Complications of the skin are infrequent, but if they do occur, our doctors will manage the conditions and assure that we have the best results possible. One must always remember to follow instructions before and after hair removal appointments as it is usually sun exposure during treatment series that cause the most problems of the skin.

Most people can have laser hair removal, although some people may not respond well to hair removal. This usually is determined by the skin tones of the patient. Schedule a consultation to get more information on whether you can get your unwanted hair removed.

There must be some pigment in the hairs to remove them. The energy travels down the hair to the root, and kills the root. If hair is not at least light brown, the energy cannot travel through it. We have had success with our auburn clients, which is another point we are proud of. To book an appointment for your laser hair removal at Gentle Revive call, or book online today.

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