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Stretch marks are a fact of life and our bodies, something that millions of women and men must tolerate. These imperfections of the skin that occur for reasons that are usually very noble and can bring memories that can be very positive. All that aside, we may not like how our skin changes as we, yes, get more experience in life. Even though the locations of stretch marks are typically covered, we still don’t like them. Most of the millions of people that have these imperfections in the skin think that there is not a lot that can help their appearance. There are many products and claims that state that stretch marks can be cured. This claim is not a reality. But stretch marks can be improved and, the red ones that are so noticeable can be made nearly invisible.

If you have purchased creams to help your stretch marks, take them back for a refund. A stretch mark is an internal process that occurs from stretching and later shrinking of the skin. Internal proteins called collagen and elastin get separated, cause an area under the skin that is weaker than the surrounding areas. This process creates canyons in the tissue and it is these canyons that get discolored and are what we hate so much. If we are going to change the appearance of the stretch marks, we need to treat them from the area where the problem exists. Under the skin.

There is a way to make these reddened separations of the skin, remove the color and close that area between the two sides of the “Grand Canyons.” The proven way to make this happen is to treat under the skin surface.

We do this with Lasers and light-based therapies that can extend treatment below the skin surface. The therapy that occurs from lasers that cause micro-injury to the tissues beneath the skin. The body then mobilizes the healing forces of the skin, brings in new collagen, elastin and closes the apparent canyons that have previously occurred. Studies have shown that lasers are an effective treatment for stretch marks.1

When medical treatments from lasers are thought of by the majority of patients, we believe the therapy must be expensive. We can show you that these laser treatments are for anyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stretch marks are a type of scar that is caused when the skin grows more quickly than the structural parts of the skin are able to keep up.

Fractional means that the laser causes micro injuries to a relatively small fraction of the skin at a time. If you think of where the laser comes out as a stamp with tiny needles on it, that is kind of the arrangement of the energy as it comes out of the laser. Heat is put into the skin as tiny columns that stimulate growth of new cells. These columns of new tissue work together in repairing the appearance and function of the skin.

Try to maintain a healthy weight. Stretch marks happen when the body grows too quickly, so try to let any weight gain occur over a longer period of time, when possible. Getting enough water, vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc will also help to prevent stretch marks. When you do get them, treat them early so their appearance will be lessened.

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  1. Hague A and Bayat A. “Therapeutic targets in the management of striae distensae: A systematic review.” J Am Acad Dermatol. 2017;77(3):559-68.

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