Sun Damage is something that happens, to a degree, every time we are exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. When you are young, you mostly see it in the form of cute freckles. As you get older and have accumulated a lot of time in the sun, those freckles are only some of the damage you are able to see. Sun damaged skin can show up as actinic keratosis, wrinkles, spots, spider veins, a blotchy or ruddy complexion, and can even progress to skin cancer. Because we care about your health, our doctors will ensure that no signs of sun damage have the possibility of being cancer. This is an advantage of coming to Gentle Revive because of our doctors that are on site.

Skin damage from uv light rays, including from tanning beds, will always make you look older than you are. Premature aging is common for those who have had a lot of sun exposure, or use tanning beds. If you are really good about skin care and sun protection, you may have far less signs of sun damaged skin. If you haven’t been great about it we have several lasers that will target those here at Gentle Revive, in Lindon, Utah. One laser will target all your browns, and give you a lot of regeneration of collagen and the deeper elastin. Another laser will allow you to target redness, brown areas, and wrinkles separately. Other lasers will target redness, brown spots, and wrinkles, but in different ways from each other. We can give you a very personalized treatment that will target all your concerns, and give you real and lasting results. We are able to reverse sun damage and improve the health and appearance of every skin type. We also carry a wide range of skin care products to care for the health of your skin and prevent over exposure to future sun damage.


Brown Spots

Brown spots, age spots, freckles, and pigment are some of the concerns most people mention when they’ve had a long history of sun exposure. We have 3 different lasers that can remove all traces of these pigment changes on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, hands, and feet. We are able to give you a very personalized treatment for your specific skin type and condition. Sun spots are one of the biggest signs of sun damage in giving away our age. This laser treatment goes a long way, even by itself, in giving you back many years. When we do the treatment, you can expect it to feel like the snapping of a rubber band, at the worst, followed by warmth of the skin. Clients typically don’t request any methods of pain relief for this treatment. You will see the spots darken right after the treatment, and then they will literally fall off your face, leaving you with beautiful skin and a healthy glow. Our technology targets only the dark pigment, or disrupted cells, so it won’t harm your undamaged skin. After 24 hours, you can cover up your dark spots until they come off, and get back to your normal skin care routine. You will see results in 2-8 weeks, depending on the way your body naturally heals.


Redness or ruddiness of the skin is another sun damage complaint we can get rid of quite easily with a simple laser treatment. Our laser is a powerful device that uses a unique filter to focus its energy on treating vessels without putting normal skin at risk. It uses Optimised Light™ photorejuvenation technology, which delivers pulses of optimised light to the unwanted vessels causing your redness. It will treat spider veins and any broken vessels on the face, neck, and some other areas of the body. The tiny veins absorb the laser energy and then disappear through your body’s natural healing process. This treatment feels like the snapping of a rubber band, followed by warmth of the skin. Some clients find it very easy, and others find it sharper. We have several methods to relieve pain, if you find it uncomfortable. You will have redness that lasts about as long as it normally would if you’d gone on a good run, and can resume your normal routine immediately. In the space of a week or two, you will get back you clear, even skin tone.


Wrinkles are a sign of sun damage that is the most widely warned about. Sun exposure will always cause wrinkles sooner, and we’ve all seen the former sun-goddess who looks 20 years older than she is. Let’s get you looking younger than you are. We have treatments for all ages and severity of wrinkling. Whether you are 18 and are looking for something preventative, 60 and looking to turn back the clock in a big way, or somewhere in the middle, we can do it for you here at Gentle Revive. The best way to determine which one will give you the results you want is to decide what other issues you want to address in a consultation with us. A benefit to all of our wrinkle treatments are that they stimulate production of collagen and elastin, truly giving you younger, stronger skin going forward.

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Yes, and we prefer that you do! We love to see our clients undergo dramatic results, and the best way to do that is to target multiple issues at once. If you have brown spots, redness, wrinkles, or any combination, we would love to have you watch them all disappear. If you are ready to have bright, healthy, clear skin again.

We have multiple doctors on staff that can diagnose any areas you may be questioning. We always want to address any suspicious areas first, because our lasers will take away all traces of unhealthy skin. Once you have been cleared, we will continue your treatment plan.

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