Laser Tattoo Removal

If you have a tattoo you regret getting, trying to hide it can soon be a thing of the past. Our doctors and aesthetic specialists at Gentle Revive in Lindon, Utah, provide patients with a better way to remove your unwanted tattoos. Sometimes there are tattoos that you just want to do a cover-up on. Laser tattoo removal is a much better option instead of trying to recreate a new tattoo with a cover-up. Our staff is able to remove parts of tattoos to pave the way for the new and improved tattoo. More than likely your tattoo artist will thank you for the blank canvas to lay some new ink on.

We have the newest and best technology in tattoo removal. Our PicoSure and RevLite lasers are designed with patient safety in mind. Tattoo removal at Gentle Revive will not cause any scarring to the skin treatment area. Typical laser tattoo removal treatments burn away the appearance of tattoos, but at Gentle Revive, we’ll do better than that. Our laser gently limits the amount of heat to the skin or “treatment area”. This allows for effective tattoo removal without injuring the skin the pigment is on, or any surrounding skin. There is less pain, risk, and downtime than other laser tattoo treatments out there. Our lasers can take out any color of ink, as they break the tattoo ink in the skin into dustlike particles that your body naturally removes. You can choose to do a complete tattoo removal, or have them lightened in preparation for a cover-up tattoo. Either way, we have the safest and most effective technology and treatment plans on the market, and guarantee your results. At Gentle Revive, all of our treatments help you love the skin you’re in. Laser tattoo removal is no exception!

Before & After

Tattoo being removed with RevLite

After 8 Treatments

Before and after tattoo removal treatment with Picosure

After 4 Treatments

Before and after laser removal treatment with Picosure

After 3 Treatments

What to expect

Frequently Asked Questions

Tattoo removal can be a painful process, even though PicoSure and RevLite lasers are built for patient comfort. They mitigate discomfort in their design, and we always use what is called a ‘Zimmer’ to decrease discomfort even more. It blows extremely cold air onto the area as it is being treated. The air is -22F, and not only does it act as a numbing agent by cooling the skin, it also helps to distract your mind with the feeling of air flow. The air cools deeply in your skin, and in a very concentrated area, alleviating pain as the laser is being used.

The number of treatments you’ll need can vary by the tattoo size, location, and color, and age of your tattoo. While some patient’s tattoos are able to be removed in as few as three sessions, others may require up to 10 sessions. We can let you know what is likely at your consult.

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