Are you beginning to see the signs of aging on your skin? As those fine lines and wrinkles emerge, it’s natural to reevaluate your skincare approach and seek ways to restore that youthful glow. Issues like freckles, brown spots, birthmarks, enlarged pores, redness, acne, and scars were things we thought we’d never face, but here they are. While you might have tried various creams and peels, there’s a single treatment that can tackle them all. We offer three tailored solutions based on the extent of your skin’s needs.

Deep Wrinkles

Expression lines are are so superficial that they usually involve only the topmost layers of your skin. They deepen and set as collagen settles and ages. Fine lines stay on your face and deepen as you get older because the collagen and elastin beneath the surface of your skin begin to break down as you age. Fine lines are also found in the cheeks, as thin crepe-like skin. Any time you make an expression, you will see where those lines will form, or have formed. We can decrease fine lines and wrinkles you already have, as well as strengthen your skin to keep time at bay. The way we do it is by stimulating new collagen growth, tightening and strengthening your skin, and through careful and natural placement of Botox and fillers. Our lasers also have multiple skin issues they correct while we erase your fine lines and wrinkles. At your consult we will discuss your goals, and choose which treatment, or combination of treatments, is going to give you the best personalized results. Whether you want a lot of improvement, something to slow the hands of time, or just a touch up for an event, we’ve got you covered. 

Fine Lines

You have been seeing deep wrinkles creep up on you for years. You know, the ones that compete for the focus of your face and betray your age at just one glance. Over the years you have probably tried different kinds of creams and potions, and they just aren’t giving you the kind of result you are after. Deep wrinkles are incredibly difficult to treat with most age defying systems because those lines were made through years of expressing, as well as naturally decreasing collagen and elastin in the skin. Those deep wrinkles have become set, and you may think there is nothing that can reverse them. Here at Gentle Revive, we will help you diminish them, and start having people guess that you are many years younger than you are. We have several treatments, depending on what you are most comfortable with. Our technology can make a real difference in your life if you have even one of the following aging complaints: wrinkles of any severity, decreased collagen production, weak skin, sun damage, skin texture complaints, age spots, and redness. 

Which treatment is right for you?

When you come in for a consult, we will look at your skin and what concerns you, and we will evaluate and discuss which treatment is going to work best for your skin type, skin condition, and lifestyle. We will look at factors which may make on treatment better than another for you, and discuss in depth any questions you may have. We will be sure that your treatment is carefully curated to be the best for you, in every way.

What to expect from your treatment

You can expect wrinkles to lessen greatly, and for collagen and overall skin health to be increased

After your treatment

New collagen takes six months to show up on the skin. You will start to see your skin improve more and more as your treatments compile upon each other, giving you more youth, and healthier skin. You will have turned the clock back, and all you’ll have to do then is protect your new, fresh, youthful look from becoming damaged.

What to expect

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we really can. Gentle Revive has the latest technology in wrinkle reduction, and we are proud to be able to share it with you. We have several treatments available to give you a very personalized treatment. Depending on how set your wrinkles are, you may need more or less treatments than another person, and if you have other skin imperfections you’d like to address, we will take that into consideration when choosing your treatment plan. You will be very satisfied with your results, and that is a promise here at Gentle Revive.

Because we have several types of treatments, they do vary in aggressiveness, and in pain levels. We have several different ways to make your experience pain free, regardless of the treatment you choose. We can discuss all our methods to mitigate pain, and you can decide which one is best for you.

There are many facial treatments available on the market. From hydrafacials, to vampire facials, chemical peels, and many more options. The important factor in reducing wrinkles and increasing skin health is increasing collagen in the skin, correcting existing damage, limiting exposure to the sun and other things that cause you to age more quickly, and keeping your skin well hydrated. Many kinds of treatments are temporary, without long term results. Lasers work in the deep layers of skin, to purge the cells that are damaged, and stimulate the growth of new collagen and deeper elastin. This enables your face to look younger for much longer, essentially turning the clock backward. We also have excellent pharmacy-grade products to keep your skin hydrated and protected, for healthy skin going forward.

The passing of time causes fine lines and wrinkles, and even the most stone-faced model will get them. Sun exposure without adequate protection causes the skin to age more quickly. If you have very fair skin, you have an increased risk of fine lines and wrinkles. You will be more prone to expression lines if you smoke because the blood supply to your skin is affected, and you will also see fine lines around your mouth sooner.

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